Witney – The Clochemerle Of The Cotswolds – Bum On Seat

Last year, the Witney Gazette and this very Facebook page protested about the new seat installed by Witney’s Tory town council in the Staple Hall bus shelter. The seat was too narrow and slanted for sitting. The council explained: the seat was not a seat at all, but a perch. Perches were for perching, What fools we felt!

The perch proved to be far too sharp-edged for perching with an average bum. It remained, however, the very latest in anti-homeless street furniture, perhaps always its main attraction for Tory councilors.

Some 18 months on and David Harvey, the town council leader, has been persuaded to show bus users how to perch. Harvey is a Tory with every perching advantage. Well, the perch failed even the Harvey arse test and has now been converted into a seat.

The lesson? Life is too short.