Is Anybody Listening?


Eynsham residents turned out in droves last Saturday, as they always do when councils and developers tell them that the A40 and a Garden Village are good for them.

They did battle in Eynsham scout hall; the good folk of Eynsham versus an unholy alliance of West Oxfordshire District Council and Grosvenor, the developers.

Grosvenor and the council fronted up mob handed with consultants and PR people, buoyed up from two days of charette (don’t ask) at Witney Lakes Resort. This had yielded armfuls of butcher paper and Post-it notes intended to impress simple villagers. The scribblings had quite the opposite effect, and the consultants’ efforts to mollify the crowd only fanned the flames

Eynsham simply does not want to be attached to a Garden Village and yet separated from it by a massive A40 dual carriageway. The District council wants housing at any cost – any cost to the good folk of Eynsham, that is.

The District council has a responsibility to listen to the good folk of Eynsham: instead, it sends its officials and hires PR consultants to indoctrinate them.