Failing Grayling

Even Tory blowhards do not think that all economic activities should be nationalised. The police, for example. Chris Grayling, idealogue mate of Witney’s passionate MP Robert Courts, privatised large parts of both the prison and the probation service. Offenders were to be degraded rather than helped. Now, probation for low- and mid-risk offenders is being returned to the public service.

Failing Grayling has cost the UK economy a fortune. Hardly a one nation Tory, he has beenĀ particularly vindictive in the treatment of prisoners, denying them legal aid and even books. UK jails are now such disgusting places that the Dutch authorities have refused to extradict prisoners to human and degrading conditions.

And yet he survives as a minister. It is an indirect cost of Brexit obsession that complete incompetence is overlooked in ministers of state.