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Air pollution is the single largest environmental risk to human health in the UK, contributing to approximately 34,000 early deaths each year. Come and share ideas on how our own behaviour could protect our children from harmful levels of air pollution.


Dr Suzanne Bartington is a Public Health Registrar and Clinical Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham, where she leads a team investigating the health impacts of air pollution from before birth to old age. She will discuss the role of interdisciplinary research bridging social, health and environmental sciences in tackling this global health challenge and for informing policy within the UK Clean Air Strategy.

Andrew Prosser is an Environmental Consultant with expertise on carbon emissions, across the built environment, infrastructure and transport sectors. His presentation will examine the air quality issues of relevance to Witney. He will cover the town’s designated Air Quality Management Areas including Bridge Street, in the context of the West Oxfordshire Local Plan. Drawing on case studies in other towns and cities, he will review potential measures and current plans to improve air quality.

Dr. Frances Mortimer is the Medical Director of the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, in Oxford. Formerly an NHS doctor, her goal now is to create a green, efficient health system as part of our transformation to a healthy, just and sustainable society. Frances will facilitate a public discussion including the speakers, representatives of other groups and members of the audience.

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