Worth A Protest

Well, Blenheim is on our patch and welcome he is not. Trump will never see the demonstration at the main entrance to Blenheim, but that is not the point.

It may, of course, receive honorable mention on Twitter.

Porridge – The Courts’ Way

Our passionate MP, Robert Courts, seems to have Genial Harry Grout in mind in his contribution to the third reading of the Whatever are we to do about Mobile Phones in Prisons Bill? last week.

“It is extraordinary that going to prison is really only a nuisance, and that if people have access to the right technology, they can carry on from inside prison in exactly the same way as they carried on outside, with only minor inconvenience. We should not allow that.”

Not A Happy NHS Birthday

Today – 5 July 2018 – is exactly 70 years since the founding of the NHS. Great celebration. The Houses of Parliament will be illuminated in blue tonight.

Blue! Why blue? The Tories were virulently opposed to the NHS. Whisper it not, but so were the doctors, who saw themselves as far too important to submit to control by the state.Even the public remained to be convinced.

But hey, why spoil the massive NHS marketing campaign?

Courts Cornered

Robert Courts, Witney’s passionate MP, asked a sensible question in the House on Tuesday about West Oxfordshire’s primitive infrastructure:

“… congestion on the A40 and reliability problems on the Cotswold line make travel a daily challenge for residents of west Oxfordshire. We urgently need upgrades on that line and extra capacity on the road network, particularly the A40.”

But you have already had £35 million for a one-way bus lane on the A40, replied the minister. What more do you want?

Nothing apparently, the passionate one unwilling to upset a senior Tory. As ever: all mouth, no trousers.

Celebrating Democracy With Our Voting System

This week is Democracy Week: Last week (and the one before) celebrated equal voting rights for women.

For 90 years now, women have had as much right as men to have their votes wasted. The right is guaranteed by our weird first-past-the post system. The UK is the only country in Europe with such a system.

Recall the argument that any sort of proportional representation made for weak, dithering government, the sort Continental countries have. The British system produces strong, decisive government. Of course it does.

Make Votes Matter Stall

The West Oxfordshire Make Votes Matter group will have a stall tomorrow, Saturday 30 June from 11 to 1.00 o’clock outside Waterstones in Market Square, Witney. Do turn up, if you can. The cause is worthy, especially in West Oxfordshire, where the monkey needs only a blue jacket.

Raw Sewage In Windrush

This is a much better video than we brought you a couple of days ago. It is the key part of last week’s Countryfile programme about pollution of the River Windrush by Thames Water.

Again, congratulations to WASP (Windrush Against Sewage pollution) for bringing this particular corporate behavior to public attention.

Headless In Tory Heartland

Witney residents close to last week’s fire have just received a letter of condolence from their MP, Robert Courts – on House of Commons notepaper no less. A mite opportunistic, but decent enough behaviour,

Trouble is that the passionate one advises worried residents to get in touch with counselor Toby Morris. Toby has already contacted residents making it plain that Toby stands ready to help residents and that residents should help the Tory party.

Do check out the pictures of Tory counselors on the Witney Conservatives website (https://www.witneyconservatives.com/people?page=3). Many are headless. Explains a lot.

It’s Hard To Be Charitable

The trouble in which charities find themselves is largely of their own making. Their work is hugely important: their behaviour has sometimes been awful. There may be a link, of course. Moral superiority, like patriotism, can be abused.

In such circumstances, it is hard to understand what public sympathy Sobell House hopes to gain from the large and aggressive notice it has just erected on its depot at Station Lane in Witney. What is gained from threatening a public on which it depends for support?

Indecent Behaviour

A leaflet from Toby Morris, district councilor for Witney North, dropped through the letterbox yesterday. One side gives information about the serious fire in West End last week: the other side encourages constituents to join the Conservative party.

There is something rather nasty about a councilor exploiting a local tragedy to tout for business.