Air Quality In West Oxfordshire

Could the District Council’s latest report on air quality have been copied from any of its reports over the last two decades? No, the the worst areas may be the same:

Bridge Street, Witney 
Horsefair and High Street, Chipping Norton

BUT NOW the District Council has given these areas a new designation – and plans have been produced.

“Areas within West Oxfordshire which don’t meet National Air Quality Standards have been declared Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs). We have produced Air Quality Action plans for these areas to find out the source of the problem and reduce concentrations of air pollutants to below National Air Quality Standards.”

That’s all right then, but don’t hold your breath. Or perhaps you should.

Find out just what is going on at the ‘Improving Air Quality in Witney’ talks on Thursday 28 February at 7.15 in Witney’s Corn Exchange. It’s FREE but register on Eventbrite