The Green Party in West Oxfordshire

The Green Party is a different sort of political party. We believe in building an open, free society that embraces the oppressed and speaks for the minority. We strive for a political system that isn’t satisfied with the bare minimum, one that helps people live truly secure, healthy lives. We refuse to strip the planet for one generation’s gain, and are working towards creating a sustainable, reliable future – for the sake of other species, as well as ourselves.

These core beliefs have helped create our policies, and since our beginnings only a few decades ago we have seen tens of thousands of people come to us with the same convictions.

During 2014 we saw our membership double – with over 44,000 members throughout the country, a Green surge that gave us more supporters than UKIP and the Liberal Democrats. We believe the Green surge can really change politics in the UK, and we hope you will join us in shaping the future of this country.

Our vision for Witney

We have lots of exciting ideas for Witney and the rest of West Oxfordshire. Witney is growing rapidly, but often without the infrastructure essential for our living standards. We refuse to leave the provision of Witney’s infrastructure to the developers.

Come speak to us at one of our events to discover more. You can find the relevant information from the Events page in this website.


We are active supporters of sustainable transport, including pushing for more cycle routes, especially within Witney. We are also active within WOT, the Witney Oxford Transport group. Over the last five years, WOT has campaigned tirelessly for a tram/train link between Oxford and West Oxfordshire. The A40 has not been able to cope with demand for decades and various levels of government have promised to tackle the problem for half a century. Nothing has been done and the lifeblood continues to be sucked from the West Oxfordshire economy. We have had enough.


Nothing in West Oxfordshire demonstrates the gap between rich and poor more forcefully than housing. While there are many wealthy home-owners and second homes, especially in the more rural parts of the constituency, there is also a desperate need for affordable housing, especially for the young. Just as we cannot leave the supply of infrastructure to developers, we cannot leave the supply of affordable homes. We need more homes to be sure, and the appropriate infrastructure with them, but they must be affordable homes for those who need homes most.


West Oxfordshire is one of the richest parliamentary constituencies in the country. And yet, many of our fellow citizens are dependent on food banks. We have long been active in helping our local food banks and will continue to help as long as there is a need. More fundamentally, we work to create a society in which food banks are not required.